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Minimize your Liability with a Tax Planner in Rogers, AR

Taxes are one of those inevitable challenges each year, but did you know that with the expert assistance of a financial advisor, you can minimize your liability? Landmark Financial, LLC provides expert tax planner services in Rogers, AR designed to take your whole financial picture into account in order to reduce the amount you pay each year so that you can build wealth more efficiently. With a team of experts ready to assist you, regardless of your current position in life, we go above and beyond to help you to reach your financial goals no matter what they are.

How You Can Benefit with Advice from a Qualified Financial Planner

No matter your goals, a qualified financial advisor may be able to help you as you pursue them. At Landmark Financial, LLC, we specialize in all areas of wealth management in Rogers, AR, including estate planning, retirement planning, and more. Let us work with you to develop a personalized strategy designed to maximize your wealth so that you may be more able to enjoy your life the way you have been envisioning it. We take your current financial position as well as your goals into account to create a plan that works for you now and that will continue working for you long term.

Retirement Planning in Rogers, AR

Retirement should be a joyful, stress-free period of your life so that you can enjoy your family and your hobbies. The key to enjoying your retirement is smart planning, whether you are a beneficiary of small business employee benefits or part of an employer’s defined benefits plans. At Landmark Financial, we can help you prepare for your happy retirement in Rogers, AR.

There are a few keys to a happy retirement that we want all of our clients to know:

  • Understand your plan.
    Not all retirement plans are the same. Defined benefit plans offer different advantages and disadvantages compared to a 401k, which offers more potential for growth but also less security. Understanding the plan that your employer offers or that you create for yourself can help you plan for the future.
  • Maximize your contributions.
    If you have an investment plan such as a 401k, the future security of your retirement depends on how much you invest and how early you do so. Maximize your contributions as early as you can so that the investment will grow over time. Here at Landmark Financial, we can help incorporate regular retirement deposits into your monthly budget.
  • Look for other opportunities.
    Besides the traditional retirement plans, many large and small business employee benefits include unique opportunities such as profit-sharing plans. Profit-sharing plans are a great way to reap success if your business also succeeds.

No matter your financial goals for retirement, at Landmark Financial we are happy to help.

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Seeking financial advice is an important step in reaching your goals. Landmark Financial, LLC provides robust methods for wealth management in Rogers, AR. Learn more today by calling us at (479) 636-1780.


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