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Landmark Financial Featured in Arkansas' Do South Magazine

Landmark Financial Featured in Arkansas' Do South Magazine

July 09, 2021

Our Landmark Financial Arkansas team was recently featured in Do South Magazine in their Financial Advisor Profiles feature. Dale talked about our firm, our client experience philosophy and our love of collaboration.

Read the full article on Do South's website or below.

Skillfully bringing together all aspects of a client’s financial picture is what sets Landmark Financial apart in the local financial services market. The firm, which has been in business for nearly two decades, provides tax-optimized wealth management services with the ability to draw expertise from Landmark CPAs.

“Accounting and wealth management by themselves only capture part of the picture,” says Dale Brunk, advisor. “At Landmark, our clients have access to two very distinct disciplines in one location that work together to achieve the maximum outcome.”

Within each of these service segments, Landmark’s experienced team brings unique skillsets to each account, providing customized solutions to virtually any client issue or goal. 

“Our advisors each have a background and a level of specialization that is different from the other,” Dale says. “Whether it’s a CPA-first mentality or a wealth management-first mentality, our professionals work together to create unique, comprehensive plans for our clients that take into account their whole financial picture.”

“In this manner, we foster an environment of experts working collaboratively for the benefit of our clients, leveraging the full range of our expertise, not just one individual advisor’s expertise. At the same time, we all have the autonomy to do what is best for the client.”

A tenured member of the firm, Dale loves working with motivated clients to help them as they pursue their long-term financial goals. 

“As an advisor, I learn something new every day, whether it is about people or investments,” he says. “I also enjoy meeting many different people from many different backgrounds. For me, success is about the willingness to adapt. It’s about being willing to change your thought processes and preconceived notions and have the ability to consider other options.”

Another thing setting Landmark Financial apart is the relentless drive for perfecting the customer experience, whether through impeccable customer service or by coming up with new and creative ways to work towards the client’s desired outcome.

“What makes us so successful is that our entire team is constantly looking for ways to improve our clients’ lives and financial wellbeing through new changes in the tax code and new investment opportunities,” Dale says. “In short, we don’t accept easy, one-size-fits-all answers.”

“I tell clients all the time, ‘You should not like all of our ideas. If you like all of our ideas, then that means we aren’t bringing you enough ideas.’ We need to bring clients enough different perspectives to give them the information to make an informed decision.”