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Landmark Financial Celebrates 20 Years

Landmark Financial Celebrates 20 Years

February 21, 2022

Landmark Financial is celebrating the firm’s 20th anniversary this year. The firm began in 2002 as a way to help Landmark CPAs’ clients plan more comprehensively for retirement and manage their wealth in the most tax-efficient manner. In 2021, Arizona-based Monheit Frisch joined the Landmark team.

“Each of our advisors has their personal ‘why’ for how they chose this profession. I joined the firm at the very beginning because there was an opportunity to create a more cohesive way to serve small business owners in our community. Over the years, we have developed a unique offering of services through the combined abilities of our advisors. We can now help our clients plan their retirement and manage their wealth in a much more robust way,” says Landmark Financial Member and Certified Employee Benefits Specialist Dale Brunk. “In addition, we’ve all seen the effect of the labor shortage over the past two years throughout the pandemic. Employee benefits now play a major role in attracting and retaining the right talent for small businesses. It is very rewarding to help an owner design and implement a plan to help their business grow in that way.”

Travis Teague, Landmark Financial Member and Certified Financial Planner, chose this profession to help families be better prepared for life’s uncertainties. “My father was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 38 and our family wasn’t financially prepared for that. Having gone down that path, I know personally how important it is to have a plan.”

“I am a second-generation CPA who has been interested in the stock market since I was very young. I started investing with the money I earned from mowing lawns and then followed in my father’s footsteps with a career in accounting,” says Landmark Financial Member and Personal Financial Specialist David Monheit. “After almost a decade in practice as a CPA, I realized that many of my clients weren’t being serviced properly by their financial advisors, so I became licensed to integrate financial planning and portfolio management into my practice.”

Geoff Rosen, Landmark Financial Member and Certified Employee Benefits Specialist, believes the American dream is and always has been financial peace of mind. “Financial independence is a process. For the majority of people, it involves deliberate and disciplined long-term planning and action. My job is to help clients as they pursue these long-term financial goals and it is a responsibility that I take very seriously,” says Geoff.

Landmark Financial is comprised of financial advisors with a multitude of various certifications and a support staff focused on client relationships. Our team members are navigators – guiding their clients towards their financial goals and helping them accumulate, protect and transfer wealth. Our firm’s combined technical knowledge of income taxes and investment strategies allows us to identify and implement appropriate tax-efficient solutions that fit each client’s unique needs. We collaborate with you in the pursuit of a clear pathway to the future – with the hope of solidifying your financial dreams and delivering on the important promises you make to your loved ones.

Gary Frisch, Travis Teague, David Monheit, Dale Brunk, Geoff Rosen