Bankruptcy Basics

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While never an easy decision, filing bankruptcy can provide immediate assistance to those struggling to pay their debts. A long, sometimes complicated process, filing bankruptcy should never be the first solution to manage debt, but can provide a way to start over, free from overwhelming debt.


Even with a thriving economy, many Americans continually struggle to save money.  While it’s certainly tempting to spend that extra cash, socking it away for the future in an IRA or investing in stocks makes much more sense. Try out a few of these tips, and you may find yourself with extra money to...

Beall Barclay Wealth Management Unveils New Firm Name

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FORT SMITH, Arkansas, October 1, 2018 – Beall Barclay Wealth Management is officially launching their new firm name, Landmark Financial, LLC.

The move comes after their sister company, Beall Barclay & Company PLC, rebranded to Landmark PLC, Certified Public Accountants, after a merger with the...

Time to Save

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While some of us are spenders, others savers, most of us fall somewhere in between.  Can you account for where your cash goes, or do you frequently find yourself wondering exactly where your money goes each month? The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to save money starting...

If you don’t know the difference between asset-backed securities and securities, you may want to take a look at these common financial terms and their definitions.

Asset Backed Securities

Asset-backed securities are bonds or notes that are backed by assets such as credit card accounts receivable...

FMLA 101

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Becoming ill is never part of our plan, but nevertheless, it happens. When it does happen, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is available as a safeguard to protect both your job and your health insurance benefits while you’re unable to work. It also contains a provision that allows eligible...

Health Insurance 101

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Health insurance used to be a fairly simple process. But today, whether obtaining health insurance privately or through an employer, we’re being offered a variety of insurance plans with varying benefit levels, making the choice more difficult.

Before you enroll in another health insurance plan...

529 Plans

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Started in 1996, 529 plans provide tax incentives for those saving for post-secondary education. The plan allows funds saved to be used at any eligible education institution, which typically includes colleges, universities, vocational schools or any post-secondary educational institute that is...

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